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This is our video we made to help encourage others to get involved and to give them ideas.

Standing Quietly

To encourage and organize Veterans and others to stand and be visible for Veterans and Memorial Days. 

Standing Quietly Veterans Day Salute

Standing Quietly Veterans Group

Standing Quietly Veterans Day Salute

Veterans Day without the Veterans is like the 4th of July without fireworks.

Jonathan Walker

Veterans Day 2014

     We stand on bridges and overpasses on Veterans and Memorial Days.  We stand to represent and honor our nation's Veterans.  We believe that standing is a visual reminder to others of the significance of these days.  Also it gives us a chance to gather and meet other link minded people.  It is somewhat of a unique experience.  You do not have to be a Veteran or have a uniform.  Use what you have.  If you are a Veteran try wearing something that identifies you as such.  We post American flags and stand near those.  The experience is very powerful for those standing and also for those witnessing the event.  It seems a little strange at first.  Most people who have tried it come away with a very memorable and enjoyable experience.  

     It is important that on Veterans Day that we celebrate it.  We need to share and educate others about what it means to us.  Don't let this holiday become just another day of the year.   

Standing up for our Veterans