Ten thousand Veterans standing would change everything! And the world would notice.


Ten Veterans will influence a community, Others will take note of the event.


One Veteran can make a difference, And encourage others.

Volunteers need to make a stand in a highly visible area in their community.  Site selection should be a legal and safe location.  Areas could include Bridges, overpasses, medians, train stations, shopping areas, schools, or community events,.  Premission should be asked for on private property areas.


Veterans are people of action.  A Veteran standing with an American Flag is a powerful image that will create a strong emotional reaction in patriots.  This image transcends words alone.  People standing in this way will remind the public of all the things veterans have stood for.  In the end this visual will aid Veterans causes, allow Veterans and the public to bond and restore true meaning to Veterans Day.


Veterans, their families, and volunteers who would like to help.


To raise awareness for Veterans.  Allowing Veterans and others to stand together.  Providing the public with a forum to interact with Veterans.  Organize events in their own communities.


To encourage and organize Veterans and volunteers to stand and be visible for a Veterans Day and Memorial Day salute.


One thousand Veterans standing throughout the United States will change the way we feel about Veterans Day.


One hundred Veterans standing throughout a state will swell state pride and gain national attention.