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This is our video we made to help encourage others to get involved and to give them ideas.

Standing Quietly

To encourage and organize Veterans and others to stand and be visible for Veterans and Memorial Days. 

Standing Quietly Veterans Day Salute

Standing Quietly Veterans Group

Standing Quietly Veterans Day Salute

Veterans Day without the Veterans is like the 4th of July without fireworks.

Jonathan Walker

Veterans Day 2014

On Veterans Day, I stood on an overpass in uniform with an American Flag.  I have felt for years that our Veterans need more support.  I finally worked up the courage to do something about it.  This was my way of showing support for Veterans.  The experience was amazing. I didn't realize that it would garner such media attention.  People passing by contacted news sources, and the news captured Video and pictures.  Radio stations attempted to interview me.  My photo was shared through face book and other sources.  I was shocked and embarrassed. 

Through the next few days and sleepless nights, I realized that this experience was bigger than my little effort to bring a little Veteran to Veterans and Memorial Days.  I was inspired by comments from people looking for information on how to stand together; and from the public who were  grateful for the reminder. 

So I am trying to stay true to the original reason I walked onto that overpass.  I want to bring attention to Veterans.  I think through this we can help Veterans.  I am making this site to try to further that goal.  Here we can unite and plan future events for Veterans and Memorial Days. 

If you are someone that believes in our Veterans and you would like to show it; please contact us and stand with us next year. 

Standing up for our Veterans