I-80, I-215, I-70, I-84, and Legacy Parkway

  1. I-80 (east) (Coalville) possible but maybe too narrow.
  2. I-80 (east) Hoytsville rd. (Coalville)
  3. I-80 (east) Ut-224 (Kimball Junction)
  4. I-80 (east) Pedestrian Bridge (Kimball Junction)
  5. I-80 (east) 17th East (SLC)
  6. I-80 (east) 13th East (SLC)
  7. I-80 (west) 5600 West (SLC)
  8. I-80 (west) Ut-202 Saltair (Tooele)
  9. I-215 (east) 3300 South East (Millcreek)
  10. I-215 (east) Pedestrian Bridge near Churchill Jr. High School
  11. I-215 (east) S 2300 E (Holladay)
  12. I-215 (east) S 1300 E (Cottonwood Heights)
  13. I-215 (east) 900 E (Midvale)
  14. I-215 (east) 700 E (Midvale)
  15. I-215 (east) 3rd street Pedestrian Bridge
  16. I-215 (east) W 6500 S Winchester St. (Murray)
  17. I-215 (east) Cottonwood Street (Murray)
  18. I-215 (west) S 7th W (Murray)
  19. I-215 (west) w 4100 S (Taylorsville)
  20. I-215 (west) W 3100 S (West Valley)
  21. I-215 (west) Parkway Blvd.
  22. I-70 (east) (Green River)
  23. I-70 (east) UT-24 maybe too narrow
  24. I-70 (east) Church Farm rd (Sigurd)
  25. I-84 S 475 E (Weber) no side walk
  26. I-84 W Riverdale Road (Riverdale)
  27. Legacy Pkwy  West Center St (North SLC)
  28. Legacy Pkwy W 500 S (Woods Cross)
  29. Legacy Pkwy Glovers Lane (Farmington)
  30. Legacy Pkwy State st. (Farmington)

I-15 Veterans Memorial Highway

30 Bridges that appear safe for Veterans to stand on over I-15 and another 30 bridges on the other freeways.  Information is based on Google Earth images.  Personally visiting these sites before Veterans Day would be necessary to judge the safety. There are many more bridges and some may be safe, but can't be determined with satellite images.  In the end you must determine the safety, legality, and wisdom in standing in your preferred area.


  1. W Forest St (Brigham City)
  2. Farr West Drive (Pedestrian Bridge) (Weber)
  3. W 250 N. st (Pedestrian Bridge) (Weber)
  4. 31st Ogden
  5. W 200 N Highway 108 (Clearfield)
  6. Church St. (Layton)
  7. E Gentle St. (Layton)
  8. Layton Pkwy (Layton)
  9. State st. (Pedestrian Bridge) (Farmington)
  10. W Glovers Ln. (Farmington)
  11. W 400 N. (Bountiful)
  12. 600 N. (SLC) (Caution traffic maybe too heavy!)
  13. 3900 S. (Murray)
  14. 5090 S. (Murray)
  15. 600 E. (Lehi)
  16. Main St. (American Fork)
  17. S. 500 E. (American Fork)
  18. 1100 S. (American Fork)
  19. Pleasant Grove blvd. (Pleasant Grove)
  20. N. 2000 W. (Lindon)
  21. 2000 N. (Lindon)
  22. University (Orem) 
  23. Provo University South on ramp (Provo)
  24. E 1400 N. (Springvile)
  25. 400 S. (Springville)
  26. 1600 S. (Springville)
  27. W. University Blvd. (Cedar City)
  28. W 600 S. (Cedar City)
  29. UT-18 Highway (St. George)
  30. Sunriver Pkwy (St. George)
  31. Farm Church rd (Richfield)

Bridges over Utah's Freeways